You're my favourite person right now.

A gift should be received with enthusiasm. Try getting something people actually want.

Don't gift boring!

If you're thinking about buying an inexpensive, meaningless item just so you don't appear uncaring or thoughtless you're wasting your money.

Are you doing cross-promotions? if not, why not?

Increase sales, expand your audience and grow your brand with a proven marketing strategy. Just add Cadeau to make it perfect!

Cadeau has layers of security

Ensuring our merchant partners and customers enjoy a safe and financially secure gift experience is our top priority.

Making Hospitality Rewards Great Again

Many point systems used by hotels, restaurants, airlines and other industries take too long to earn and come at a high cost.

Gift cards are obsolete - Say hello to Cadeau

Here are 3 huge problems people encounter with gift cards and a terrific solution that's easy to adopt.

Getting more customers to shop in person

Businesses need innovative marketing to draw people to physically visit their stores as expensive delivery services eat into profits.

Why buying local is more important than ever before

The Covid-19 crisis has taught us that local supply chains, production and conscious consumerism are more important than ever before.

4 powerful ways to elevate your marketing

Generating content isn't enough. Generating content frequently is also not enough. These tips will help you elevate your traffic and convert to sales.

Your best source for new business

Once you have built a professional relationship you have to nurture it. Here's a special way to do just that.

The #1 way to keep talented employees

Good workers are the lifeline of any business. Here's how you can excite your team to stay with you for the long haul.

Gift Marketing vs Content Marketing

Generating consistent content for your social media and website can be very time consuming and expensive. Here's a much easier strategy.

Grow your business with incentive marketing

Business owners should always be on the lookout for effective marketing ideas to grow their business. Here's one that will have a huge impact.

5 Tips For A Successful Giveaway Campaign

Giveaways are a smart marketing effort any business can offer, but it has to be done right to make it worthwhile.

Find exciting tourist activities on Cadeau

Take a city tour by land and water. Find exciting tourist activities on the Cadeau app arriving later in 2020.

The ideal gift app for friends and business

Cadeau is the ideal gift app for friends and business. Try gifting coffee and cake when we launch later in 2020.

Join an ATV adventure with the Cadeau app

Join an ATV adventure with the Cadeau app arriving later in 2020. Amazing experiences are headed your way.

Have fun scootering around town

Have fun scootering around town. Gift a tune-up or rental on the Cadeau app arriving later in 2020.

Enjoy a beautiful day on the water

Gift a paddle rental with the Cadeau app arriving later in 2020.

Nama-say yes to outdoor yoga classes

Gift a fresh air experience with the Cadeau app.