Grow your business with incentive marketing

Business owners should always be on the lookout for effective marketing ideas to grow their business. Here's one that will have a huge impact.


Business owners need to be diligent when it comes to marketing and customer acquisition. Dollars and time spent on advertising need to convert to actual revenue. It goes without saying that money needs to be spent wisely otherwise it's a waste. If you're not spending a percentage of your gross income and your time on customer acquisition and strategic growth why not? Take it as a given that your competitors are most definitly making an effort to grow their companies. It's up to you to compete. 


One of the big challenges when choosing a strategy is ascertaining which services and techniques will get the best return for your effort. Prudent businesses quantify the value of a particular marketing campaign to determine if it is effective and worth pursuing. Another challenge is determining how to build brand status while driving revenue. These elements of marketing can intersect, but not always. A lot of advertising and social media activity can focus on the long term goal of building a credible identity and acertaining a social status. Sponsorships, placements and affiliations come to mind. Having a consistent public presence can be worthwhile on social media, but that may not directly influence an immediate sale. Those efforts may not be particular to driving customers to stores in the short term, but do serve a valuable purpose over the long term. Cadeau can elevate your efforts and drive customers to your store.  


For business owners, marketing staff and hired agencies looking for a new way to win customers and drive sales, consider adding Cadeau to your tool belt. Cadeau integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, from social media, public events, traditional media and beyond. Use it as part of your mix of marketing and sales activities and it will likely become your MVP.  


In addition to being a marketplace for gifts where merchants can sell up to 3 gifts, Cadeau is integrated with valuable features designed specifically to incentivise customers to physically visit your place of business. In a previous article we highlighted one such feature. Our giveaway feature is a unique and simple way to run a giveaway campaign. Merchants can create a gift certificate, register signups, choose a winner on a specific date and deliver the gift certificate right to the recipient's phone. 


In this article we're highlighing another valuable function of the Cadeau platform called 'Promos'. A promo is a promotional item or gift that you would like to give to a large number of people. It's not a draw for one winner. The purpose is mass delivery. It could be given to one person or more without limitation. The act of giving something to a prospective customer with the intent of it resulting in a buy is what we call incentive marketing. Some call it give to get, or the loss leader technique. The strategy has been in play since the dawn of time and we see many companies making such efforts often. The idea is to get people into stores by attracting them with a low price item or free item so that they spend money on other items that will generate profit for the business. You may have seen promotions for a one dollar cup of coffee at fast food establishments, or a buy one get one free promotion for a fitness class. A complimentary item for a minimum spend is often used as well. Those are some examples. If incentive marketing is done correctly it can be a profitable exercise. 


Cadeau builds on these established marketing strategies and elevates the process for merchants and consumers. The system provides a streamlined tool to create, promote and deliver your incentives to consumers. Here's how it works:


Log in to your merchant portal on Cadeau. You can do this on your desktop or mobile device. Select the 'create a promotion' button and the system will prompt you to fill in the necessary fields. Set the limit of promo gift certificates that you wish to create. You decide how many you want to offer. Upload a cover photo for your gift certificate and then click on the 'submit for approval button.' The Cadeau team will review the content of your gift certificate to ensure compliance to the platform use terms and publish your promo so that you can begin your campaign. 


Once approved your promo gift will be live. You'll be able to use your unique promo code in all of your marketing activities. Announce your free promotional gift item to your network on social media, mass email, traditional media, in store, in person and anywhere else you deem appropriate. Consumers can then search Cadeau for your promo using the code you've provided and claim their free gift right on their phone. Consumers will also be able to shop on your merchant page to purchase gifts for themselves and others. With your promo gift certificate in their phone, consumers have a great incentive to visit your store and a simple way to display it to your staff to redeem it. Expect the recipients of your promo to spread the word about your free gift and bring a guest to your store to shop for more. If your business is a coffee shop perhaps an appropriate promo item is a free cup of coffee. If your business is a spa, perhaps an appropriate promo is a complimentary snack or upgraded service. Recipients of your promo gift can redeem it or send it as a gift to other people in their network. 


Cadeau gives you the flexibility to be creative with your promo incentives. When you sign up for a merchant account you'll receive a complimentary credit to create 3 gifts, 1 giveaway campaign and 1 promo campaign. Let us know how your campaigns are going and how much extra the average customer spends when they visit.