The #1 way to keep talented employees

Good workers are the lifeline of any business. Here's how you can excite your team to stay with you for the long haul.


There's a big risk and bigger costs to losing talented workers. Growing your business necessitates having the right team, with the right attitude and the right skills. In a competitive world, it's a challenge to retain the people you need and rely on. As a business owner, it falls on your shoulders to create the right incentives so that people feel great about being part of your company. 


Think of the advertising, interviewing, training and onboarding costs required to replace people. Certainly, it's innevitable that people will leave to serve their own interests, but if you're a prudent business owner you can reduce your turn over and attract qualified people more easily by practicing this tip.


Show Appreciation


One of the biggest issues in employer/employee relationships is that workers aren't recocgnized and appreciated enough when they do good work. When people go the extra mile and it results in positive benefits to the company, it can be very worthwhile to thank the people who made it happen. Motivate them to keep it up with a little reward. 


Sometimes in life, employees don't always want the most money. For some it's all about money and advancement and that won't change. But for many, fulfilment, a life in balance and a sense of peronsal value can be as important or even more so than dollars. If workers are vying for a similar job with simliar pay at different companies, what is the distinguising factor in their choice? People consider the likelihood of enjoying the work, a positive environment, comradery amongst the team and a respectful relationship with the boss as critical underlying factors. Boil it down to corporate culture. It's not uncommon for people to stay or choose to work at a place where they percieve they will be appreciated the most. A place where they feel valued. 


Showing appreciation can come in many forms. Positive daily interactions and workplace recognition can be effective. Other examples include empowering someone through advancement, or entrusting them with more responsibilities. While valuable and effective, these opportunities aren't every day occurances. Typically, a company isn't in a position to elevate workers on a regular basis so business owners need another way. This is where the Cadeau gift app can be a huge help. 


Business owners, executives and managers can create a fantastic corporate culture with the Cadeau app. Giving and receiving recognition rewards can be very uplifting and motivating. It can endeer the business owner to their team and generate loyalty. Try implementing the following rewards and incentive ideas.


1) Automate birthday gifts. Cadeau has a great gift giving automation feature that allows you to create groups in your contact lists. You can insert people's birthdays and schedule a gift on everyone's special day. Set it and forget it. 

2) Reward people for their significant contributions, positive attitude and overal value with a gift commensurate of the occasion. Do it publicly so the recipient feels recognized. It can keep them motiviated and likely motivate others. 

3) Create competitions for performance with a reward at the end of the tunnel. Purchase a gift on Cadeau that you think will excite your team to participate. Tell your team what they can win. You'll likely get great quality work from your troops that will elevate the overall company. When the work challenge has ended simply send your gift certificate on the Cadeau app to the winner. You won't have to waste time running around town, packaging items or mailing.  


Let us know how you use the Cadeau app to contribute to your company culture, retain and attract workers. We're keen to hear about your strategies and results.