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Once you have built a professional relationship you have to nurture it. Here's a special way to do just that.

Building a clientele is hard work. If you own a business, work for yourself or just starting out you probably know this already. It takes a constistent effort to get your name out to potential clients. It takes an even greater effort to build trust with people. And it takes yet even more work to convince people to award you the job. It's a process.


Once you've put in the time and effort to win work with a new client what comes next? Is your job complete once you've been paid? The immediate contract is done, but should that be the end of your interaction with your client? If you care about your business and earning a living the answer is no. Your job with that client is not finished. While there may not be an immediate opportunity to earn money because your transaction has ended, the relationship holds significant value.


The next phase of your interactions must focus on attracting that client to come back to you - to win repeat business. This next phase must also include an effort to have your clients share their positive experience with others, with their friends and colleagues. It would be a huge mistake to let a relationship dwindle after you've completed a transaction. So what can you do?


Here are a couple of high value relationship building and marketing strategies you can implement for a low cost and minimal effort.


For Merchants:

If you're a merchant in that you offer a product or service like a restaurant, hair salon, nail salon, hotel, theatre, aerial park or other category, use this tip. Provide free gifts to your audience. The Cadeau app is designed for merchants to create digital gift certificates for mass distribution. Create a gift certificate for an item or service that you can give away as an incentive, or loss leader to attract people to come back to you. It's a tried and tested marketing strategy that can pay significant dividents.


What the Cadeau platform allows you to do is send your gift certificates directly to your audience on their smart phone. Your recipients will receive a notification by email or text and their gift certificate will be available on the Cadeau app. The result of this marketing and relationship building strategy will be to put your business top of mind. Rather than paying for blanket advertising with low convertion rates, now your customers will have a tangible asset that will incentivise them to repeat their business with you. That's the power of a Cadeau gift certificate delivered right to a customer's phone.


Expect people to return to you more frequently as well as spread the word about your business. The biggest benefit is that it's highly likely that recipients of your promotional gift certificates will invite others to join them when they visit you to spend money on your services.


For Professionals:

For service providers like realtors, accountants, lawyers, plumbers, contractors, B to B companies and more it's not typically feasible to offer a gift certificate for services. A realtor would not be able to give away hundreds or thousands of free home listings for example. An accountant would not be able to give away hundreds or thousands of free tax return services. Whereas a restaurant could divert advertising dollars to give away a free desert with the purchase of a meal, or a buy one get one free promotion professional service providers can use Cadeau differently. 


What professionals can do is divert a portion of marketing funds to strategies that interact with past and future customers in a more direct and purposeful way. Rather than paying for traditional blanket media, Cadeau offers people the ability to send a good will gift to their audience directly. With Cadeau spending large sums of money on traditional marketing to a wide audience can be a thing of the past.


This act of giving inveriably puts your name and services at the forefront of the recipients conscience. It keeps you top of mind when they recieve your gift, when they plan to use it, when they redeem it and when they share their day with friends and family. A Cadeau gift has a far greater marketing impact than other forms of advertising. 


What's more, sending gifts with the Cadeau app can be automated for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. It's easy to set up your outreach in advance to save you time. 


Try building your relationships with Cadeau and let us know how much more business you generate from your network.