Don't gift boring!

If you're thinking about buying an inexpensive, meaningless item just so you don't appear uncaring or thoughtless you're wasting your money.


When you're buying a gift for someone it's important to imagine yourself in the position of receiving that gift. The thing you give will generate an emotional reaction from the person who receives it. Whether you're planning well in advance or hunting for a last-minute item, think about the following:


Would you use it? be honest.

Would you genuinely appreciate it? Or would you fake being happy? 

Is the gift appropriate for the relationship? Is it for a friend, family, or colleague? 

Is the gift appropriate for the occasion? Birthday, holiday, anniversary? 

Would you perceive the gift to be thoughtful? 

Can the gift contribute to creating happy moments? Or is it just another thing that will take up space? 

Is it something the person would genuinely buy for themselves? 


Shopping for gifts that are items can be a tricky exercise. It's tough because we want to give, but we also have financial restrictions. Our other priorities often don't allow us the disposable income to purchase something truly meaningful or of a high quality that would show the people that we're gifting as much love and respect as we would often like to demonstrate.


Shopping for items is also quite time-consuming, especially when collecting items for numerous people. Thoughtful gifts selected for each person often requires running around to numerous stores or hours of exploring online. And then you have to wrap everything. Juggle all of that with your personal responsibilities and it's no wonder that many gifts are just blah. We want to get something for the people we care about, but something should not just be anything. Right? 


Thankfully, Cadeau is coming to the rescue. The Cadeau platform is a fantastic gift-giving tool that focuses on experiences and not items. You can shop on your mobile device or desktop. Discover curated experiences from merchants in numerous categories with options at all price points. From lavish spa days, weekend getaways, multiple course dinners at amazing restaurants, affordable lunches, fun outdoor activities, automotive services, and even a simple cup of coffee. 


Each merchant offers up to 3 different curated gifts that you can purchase. Choose your recipient, write a lovely note, add your personal signature, and schedule a delivery time all within the check out process. Choose the gits that are appropriate for the people you're sending them to.


Perhaps a perfect gift for your clients is a gift certificate for a cup of coffee at a local shop. It's a nice and affordable way to reach out to your contact list on holidays and birthdays to let them know you're thinking of them. 


Select a gift from a category that would be useful. Maybe a full car cleaning and detailing would be a perfect give for someone who has just been too swamped with everyday life to keep their vehicle in order. Maybe a cultural experience at a museum accompanied by a delicious trip to a nearby bakery would be a great date or meaningful time spent with someone close to you. How about a couples night out with complete dinner for 4 at that restaurant you've been dying to check out? 


When you send gifts with Cadeau, the recipient will receive a gift certificate directly on their phone within the app that they can easily redeem. It's a simple and meaningful way to show people you care. As the purchaser, you'll save yourself a ton of time and guesswork trying to find appropriate gifts for everyone you need to buy for. 


Gifting actual experiences, rather than an item, can be much more memorable. It gives people the opportunity to make plans to spend time with each other. Gifts that focus on experiences are a great catalyst for catching up with people and building relationships. That's why we're so excited to be launching our platform in the coming months.


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