Gift Marketing vs Content Marketing

Generating consistent content for your social media and website can be very time consuming and expensive. Here's a much easier strategy.

The amount of time and effort that goes into creating quality content for your online presence can be huge. For professionals who run a business and care about growing their clientele it's a daily struggle. Ensuring your brand becomes a top of mind choice for consumers is important but difficult to do well consistently. 


Without the aid of hired help etching out the hours to create, edit, publish and engage, falling behind is inevitable. The choice is to manage your own marketing, or hire help. It costs you time, money or both either way. Busy professionals often tend to have serious challenges with this element of their business resulting in a dwindling of activity and outreach over time. 


Cadeau offers any professional from realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, trades experts and more the power to automate outreach to clients and contacts. With Cadeau you can spend less money and time on content creation and increase the quality of interaction with your audience. 


Rather than only relying on your social media or newsletters to hook new business, mix Cadeau into your marketing efforts. Send a small, affordable gift to the people in your network on key dates throughout the year. Items like a cup of coffee for $2.50 are available from local merchants. With Cadeau, people receive their gift certificates right on their phone so there's no mailing involved. 


Sending an occasional gift allows you to spread out your content creation so you can focus on other areas of your personal and professional life. You won't need to post as often and your impact will increase substantially. 


The Cadeau premium account unlocks 2 valuable features to automate your gift deliveries and add more personalization. For only $99/year you can effectively create your gift campaigns in advance, set it and forget it. People can receive a gift from you with a personal note and video message on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and any other important occasion. You decide. 


Start by importing your contacts from your CRM, a .CSV file, from your phone, or manually. Arrange your lists into groups for clients, family, friends and more. Save everyones birthday next to their name. 


Once you're set up, shop for the right gift for each group. On the gift purchase page simply type in the name of the group you wish to send the gift to. Next, pick your key dates or occasions. Write your message, record your video on your phone and add your signature. The system will prompt you through the process so it's as simple as pie. Close out your sale and that's it, your campaign is on. People will receive your gifts on their birthdays and other days of the year you choose. 


The impact of a personal gift from you will be far greater than any other marketing efforts you make. It puts your name top of mind and will help build your relationship. Expect great word of mouth marketing from your gift giving. Recipients will undoubtedly share the news with their circle and likely invite a friend to join them when they redeem your gift. Guess who's name will pop up in their conversation? 


Gift marketing will have a significant impact on building your relationships, expanding your network and growing your business. It will put your name top of mind in a more meaningful way than only relying on social or traditional media and it doesn't require as much of your time. Try diverting some of your resources to gift marketing with Cadeau and experience the results. 


Download the Cadeau app and grow your brand one gift at a time. You'll also enjoy free promotional gifts and giveaways from merchants on the platform.