4 powerful ways to elevate your marketing

Generating content isn't enough. Generating content frequently is also not enough. These tips will help you elevate your traffic and convert to sales.

If you're a user of social media for business it's likely you feel the pressure to create content consistently. To increase your audience, generate leads and convert to sales a serious ongoing effort is needed. Whichever platforms you choose the philosophy is generally the same, but it isn't wise however to just push out content for the sake of regularity. Good content consistently, but less frequent is better. Rather than posting multiple times per day, it can be more effective to share your work a couple times per week.


Think about the potentially detrimental effects of high frequency posting. Rushing to create a photo, or video, or advertisement often just leads to low quality and uninteresting material. If you're promoting a business careful preparation is required for your social media and marketing campaigns. Your strategy should be thought out. The message, imagery, editing, audience, spend and intended results need to be planned.


Taking the strategic approach requires taking the time to do it right. It requires taking the time to present content that will have the highest likelihood of generating leads that convert to sales. So, what should you do? What should you talk about and how should you present the information?




When you use the Cadeau marketing platform for your business you create the opportunity to produce meaningful content. The gifts you post for sale on the app are perfect subject material for your social media and marketing activities - whether its gifts you offer for sale, gifts you offer for free as promotions, or a big giveaway. These are all separate topics you can exploit for content and marketing purposes.


Here are 4 tips on how to capitalize on your Cadeau gift offerings:


1) Film a video of the experiences you're offering for sale. Show consumers what you're offering and what they can expect from you when they redeem their gift certificates. This also gives you the opportunity to showcase your place of business, your personality and your team.


2) Ask for testimonials from customers after they redeem and enjoy their Cadeau gift certificates. Post your positive reviews, whether it's written or recorded by video. People generally love to know about the positive experience of others. It can be very influential.


3) Use the promo code that you've created for each of your gifts. Share this promo code in all of your public efforts. This will generate new followers and engage past customers. Let people know of your promo code so they can quickly and easily find your gift items on the Cadeau search tool located on the home page of the app. Your gift will appear in the search results so that customers don't have to waste time looking through all of the categories.


4) Push a free promotional item as a gift certificate to a mass audience and talk about it with your audience. Let them secure a gift certficate in the Cadeau app as an incentive to visit your place of business and spend on other products and services. 


Incorporating Cadeau into your marketing will give your audience good content that will convert to sales quickly right on their phone. It's the incentives people want and need to motiviate them to buy from you and visit your place of business. Let us know how you incorporate your Cadeau gift offerings into your social media and marketing strategies. We'd love to hear about how these new efforts increase your sales.