Are you doing cross-promotions? if not, why not?

Increase sales, expand your audience and grow your brand with a proven marketing strategy. Just add Cadeau to make it perfect!


Generating a customer base and demographic audience for your marketing can be described as a silo. It's important and truly essential for successful businesses to actively engage in activities that increase the size and purchasing activity from this group. Conducting marketing and sales offerings to one silo, however, is limiting. More can be done to attract business. 


Cross-marketing is the practice of working with other companies for mutual benefit. Companies effectively join forces to promote each other's products and services to their silos, thus gaining exposure to new people and increasing sales for both partners. We see these efforts often when we shop or employ professional services. Partnerships between restaurants and movie theatres come to mind. For example, a dinner and movie cross-promotion whereby consumers can purchase a meal and movie tickets at a favourable price. In this case, the cinema promotes the opportunity within their facilities and in marketing efforts exposing the restaurant brand to the moviegoers. And the converse is true as well. Patrons are offered the same opportunity at their tables and via the restaurants' marketing channels. The offering between partner companies can be creative allowing both companies to conduct activities neither can do on its own. 


We see it at gas stations, where signs promoting the purchase of certain concessions like chocolate bars or drinks for a discount will also entitle the consumer to a reduced price on a car wash. We see it with credit cards where spending will entitle users to travel points with a particular airline, hotel brand, or cash discount on the purchase of a car. 


Our Cadeau platform offers merchants the ability to elevate cross-promotion activities. Merchants can join forces with like-minded companies to create unique and exciting opportunities for consumers. Imagination is really the limit here. Whether it's two independent retailers, two professional service providers, or two national brands, Cadeau is easily incorporated into your marketing efforts. 


Marketing executives can create a giveaway campaign that combines the services of both companies. Simply create a gift certificate in the Cadeau app and use the promo code in your social media and beyond to attract people to enter the giveaway queue in anticipation of becoming the selected winner. Consumers can find your giveaway easily in the Cadeau search tool on the home page of the app and then press 'enter' to join the queue. The winner will be selected on the date programmed by the merchant and will automatically receive the gift certificate on their phone in the Cadeau app. 


Sports teams, venues, performers and other promoters can use Cadeau to provide a new level of exposure to their sponsors by offering promotions and giveaways at their events. Companies can partner with each other and integrate Cadeau into their check-in and check-out systems to automate hospitality gifts to their patrons. 


Countless examples exist proving that cross-promotion can be an effective and fun marketing strategy. Use the Cadeau platform to improve your offerings and delivery to consumers. A new level of marketing is at your disposal with Cadeau. Feel free to speak with our team if you need any assistance with creating an exciting campaign. We love to help our merchants succeed and for consumers to gain access to amazing gifts and promotional opportunities.