Gift cards are obsolete - Say hello to Cadeau

Here are 3 huge problems people encounter with gift cards and a terrific solution that's easy to adopt.


Traditional cash value gift cards have been around for as long as we can remember. Some technological updates to the concept have occurred within the last decade, in particular the ability for merchants to reload a card with more funds and the ability to scan the card at the point of sale. 


The ability to reload a card however is really not a gift. It's not a gift because typically the proprietor of the card is generally the one who would pay to reload. The gift aspect only occurs when a person receives a card with a cash value pre-paid by another person. Other than this technological advancement nothing noteworthy has improved over the years on the gift giving and receiving side. A prepaid $50 card whether in the form of a plastic credit card, or a paper certificate has effectively the same value and delivers the same experience to the recipent as it always has. 


The traditional card does have some drawbacks and until now, with the advent of the Cadeau app platform those deficiencies may not have been prevelent. It's not until there is a revelation in a particular industry that people realize how a service or product was lacking in the first place. Here's how Cadeau improves on the following 3 big traditional cash card disadvantages. 


1) Cash cards or gift certificates are generally for a particular fixed value. This often leaves the recipient with insufficient funds when redeeming the card with the merchant. For example a $50 card to a restaurant is generally not enough money for a full meal with your date. When the meal costs more than the funds that were given the recipient then needs to pay the difference out of pocket. Is that truly a gift? A gift - although well intended - that costs the recipient money in the end to redeem it isn't truly a thoughtful gift. Cadeau allows people to purchase an entire experience so that recipients do not have to pay out of pocket. Buyers can gift a full meal experience rather than a fixed cash value. 


2) Cards and paper certificates can often have an outstanding unredeemed balance that recipients can't really use. What is to be done with a small unspent balance? In order to redeem that balance and claim the full value of the card even more money needs to be spent. That's pretty unfair. Cadeau does not leave recipients with an outstanding balance. Recipients enjoy the full value of their gifts every time. 


3) Cards and certificates are expensive to produce and create waste. For conscious consumers Cadeau is a great choice for low cost and waste free gifting. Everything transpires within our app. No plastic or paper is necessary. People purchase in the app, receive in the app and redeem using the app. Simple! 


Cadeau offers merchants and consumers a more efficient and personalized way to engage in buying and selling gifts. Help us reduce waste and let us know how Cadeau elevates your gift experiences.