Cadeau has layers of security

Ensuring our merchant partners and customers enjoy a safe and financially secure gift experience is our top priority.


Plastic and paper gift card systems have been subject to numerous scams and frauds. Cash cards, point cards and print certificates are not immune to criminal attempts at impersonation, duplication and hacking. Plastic cash cards are also used by scammers as forms of payment, insisting on paying with or being paid by cash value cards when attempting illegal activities.


People do fall victim to illicit behaviours by these means. Fraudsters persuade people into telling them the identification numbers on the pre-paid card before meeting in order to steal the money by cashing it in online. There are numerous ways professional scammers get away with theft and abuse. For scammers, cards are essentially cash. 


Printed admission tickets are also subject to fraud. Scalpers and professional criminals all too often victimize people with fake copies of passes to events. All of these loopholes result in serious financial risks and losses for merchants and consumers and necessitates a solution.


Here's how our Cadeau platform protects merchants and consumers: 


1) Cadeau gifts have no cash value and cannot be redeemed online for any other item.  


2) Gifts are for a specific service or experience with one merchant and must be redeemed in person using the Cadeau app. 


3) Each individual gift certificate has a unique QR code and verification code that cannot be used more than once.


4) Merchants can verify the validity of a gift using a QR scanner on their POS, on their mobile phone or by typing in the verification code on the Cadeau security page to ensure it is a real gift certificate before extending their service. 


5) When redeeming a gift, Cadeau is programmed to make the screen on mobile devices flash from orange to white. Merchants and their staff are advised to ensure that screens are flashing when redeeming gifts and to not accept a static display as someone could be attempting to present a screenshot or doctored photo. 


6) There is no plastic or paper involved in the system. This saves on all of the costs associated with manufacturing, administration and physical waste created with plastic and paper gift certificates. 


Merchants and consumers can move away from plastic and paper gift cards and enjoy a more streamlined and secure system. Try Cadeau when we launch and let us know how much more confident and safe you feel when making your gift exchanges.