You're my favourite person right now.

A gift should be received with enthusiasm. Try getting something people actually want.

If you're a thoughtful person, finding an appropriate gift for someone can take a lot of your time. Time to shop, time to think, time to plan, time to wrap, time to arrange delivery. It can be a time consuming process when you really analyze all the steps involved.


In a way, a gift and the choices made, reflect on the person giving the gift. It also reflects on the importance of the relationship, or the occasion.


Showing someone you care is often demonstrated by the thoughtfulness behind the gift selection, the effort to acquire it, and the manner in which it's given. 


Contrary to a well thought out gift, one popular option is a cash card. It's an easy choice. It requires little effort and little time. And while it may certainly be appreciated, it's not a choice necessarily tailored for the intended recipient. It's also not likely to be received with a great deal of enthusiasm. 


Why would enthusiasm for a cash card be lower than a carefully selected gift? For one, a cash card inherently means that it's likely the recipient will need to spend their own money to acquire something from the merchant. Cash cards are for a particular value and that amount is likely going to be insufficient to cover the cost of the item desired. When people receive a cash card it generally means the recipient must spend their personal money to enjoy the full value of the card. 


Another problem is if the card is with a merchant that is not desirable by the recipient, it may never be used at all. A significant number of cash cards do not get used for these reasons. 


Cadeau offers a sensible and more meaningful option. With our platform you can choose a gift that is appropriate. If you know a little about the person you intend to give to, it's easy to select something that will make them happy. What are they into? What do they like? Maybe they have mentioned some of their interests to you. Maybe they would prefer spending time with you experiencing something you both can enjoy. 


When you buy with Cadeau, one of the benefits is that the entire experience is paid for. If you want to buy a client lunch, you can select a full lunch from one of our merchants. If you want to buy a birthday gift for someone close to you, select a higher priced experience and pay for it in full. For example, a spa day, an adventure day, a meal at a great restaurant. Whatever you feel would be an appropriate gift for the person you care about. A great gift, for example, can offer the opportunity to share the experience and create new memories. 


With Cadeau, you get to select a more personal choice. Send a nice message with your gift and select the specific delivery time. Whether you need something in the moment to thank someone, or planning in advance. It's easy to schedule your deliver time. The recipient will receive an email notification and the gift certificate will appear in My Gifts within the Cadeau app. 


A thoughtful gift also doesn't have to be expensive. Cadeau offers options for as little as $2.50. Sometimes a cup of coffee is enough to endear yourself to a client on their birthday. A small item can be very helpful to thank someone for putting your name forward, giving you a new business opportunity.


Showing you care with Cadeau will personalize the giving and receiving experience. It will save you valuable time in finding the right choice, and it will be a true gift because the recipient won't have to pay extra to enjoy it. 


Use Cadeau to make people feel like they are your favourite person right now.