Getting more customers to shop in person

Businesses need innovative marketing to draw people to physically visit their stores as expensive delivery services eat into profits.


Service and experiential oriented businesses who rent or own a property desperately need to attract customers to visit their physical space. While some businesses can offer products through paid delivery services, a significant number cannot. Generally, most revenue for businesses is typically earned when customers physically come to their business.


It's not uncommon for consumers to spend more in-person through impulse buying, upselling and the opportunity to secure in-store special pricing. Consumers can win big with in-store discounts and specials that they may not be able to secure through delivery services because those services inflate costs. The challenge in an ever-changing market where delivery services are at consumer's fingertips is to get customers to spend in-person. 


Some delivery apps charge as much as 30% of the sale. This eats into the proceeds the merchant earns or inflates the cost to the consumer. Many consumers choose to pay those costs for the convenience and merchants feel the pressure to be present on those services in order to remain relevant. Whether a merchant can or cannot deliver their products or services, prudent merchants want to attract new customers. Prudent merchants want to operate efficiently to keep costs as low as possible. Attracting customers to shop in-person is typically the best opportunity to make the most money and for consumers to often save the most money. This can apply to businesses who do offer delivery as well. If a customer does a pickup, for example, those would be delivery costs get eliminated. At Cadeau, we're certainly not advocating against delivery services. We all use them and benefit from the convenience. We are saying, however, that where a business - in order to deliver their service - requires or could benefit from customers and clients physically visiting their space Cadeau can help in a meaningful way. 


The Cadeau gift platform is designed to help merchants incentivise customers to shop in-person. When merchants use the promotion and giveaway tools built into Cadeau customers will receive their gifts on their phone and be notified that they must redeem their gifts at the store. With gift certificates conveniently located on their phones in the Cadeau app, consumers have a real motivation to visit and shop. This is also true of the paid gifts that people receive on the app. 


Merchants have the opportunity to list 3 gifts for sale. Consumers can shop by category, or directly on the individual merchant page. Limiting the choices to 3 gifts makes it a simple experience for shoppers. We remove the feeling of being overwhelmed and the paralysis that often comes with too many options. Merchants can post gifts in the form of experiences. We suggest offering a low, medium and high-value item. For example, a hair salon could offer a blow dry as their entry price option, a cut and color as a medium option and a full luxury treatment as their high-value item. A barbershop could offer a straight shave, hair cut, or complete experience including all services. 


Choosing from amongst only a handful of quality options per merchant makes shopping on Cadeau a really positive and efficient experience. People can select gifts, choose their recipients and check out quickly. There are gifts for colleagues, employees, family members and friends for all occasions. 


Merchants have the option of posting new promotions, giveaways and swapping out their paid gifts as often as they like. It's affordable marketing and a great strategy to keep the public engaged with your business. Holidays and changing seasons are a great time to renew the paid gifts options. Promotions can occur at any time to drive new business and giveaways can be a daily, weekly or monthly strategy to keep a merchant's name top of mind. 


All of these ideas and strategies are effective at attracting people to shop in person. Let us know how Cadeau is helping your business maximize revenues, control costs and build relationships with your customers.