Merchant Pricing


Free Sign-Up Package

Launch your Cadeau store and enjoy unlimited posting, and all Unlimited account features free for your first month. Then, choose your plan. All of your posted gifts for sale will remain active until you swap them out. Promos and giveaways may be posted for up to 30 days at a time.




2 free posts per month

25% commission per sale 

$65 to post each additional gift, giveaway, or promotion

Only 5% commission on event ticket sales


$299/month or $2,999/year

Unlimited posting

15% commission per sale 

Only 5% commission on event ticket sales

Automate a birthday gift to your customers to promote your business


Custom features & pricing

Booking and check-out integrations

Hospitality gifts & rewards

Franchise accounts

Cross-brand marketing

Audience engagement


Additional Terms

*All giveaways and promotions can be found using your chosen promo code in the app search bar.
*Monthly subscription rate is charged for each city in which your stores are located. 
*Franchises require an enterprise contract.
*Event sales are for general admission, VIP, and backstage admission to venues that do not have assigned seating. 
*Merchants may have up to a maximum of 3 sellable gift options available on their store at one time and shall swap out a sellable option to post a new one. 
*There is no limit to the number of posts a merchant may offer for sale in the 'events' category.
*Our low rate ticket sales commission in the events category includes payment processing. 
*All sellable gifts must be in the form of a service or consumable experience. 
*Payment processing on gift sales charged to merchants is 2.07% for regular credit cards up to 2.75% for premium cards. 
*Payment to Merchants is at the end of each month by e-transfer after a gift has been redeemed. 
*Our complete Terms of Service shall be provided prior to initiating your account. 
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