Why buying local is more important than ever before

The Covid-19 crisis has taught us that local supply chains, production and conscious consumerism are more important than ever before.


Recent and ongoing events have taught us many valuable lessons. One lesson in particular is the importance of having a robust and diversified local and national economy. We need the human capital, infrastructure, ingenuity, production capacity and expertise in all facets of life close by. In order to further this goal we need to be more conscious with our purchase decisions. And conversely we need to motivate and incentivise our fellow citizens to create, produce and sell in our communities. 


The competition derived from a free market will certainly always remain important to drive innovation and protect consumers from rising costs, but in light of the shortfalls in local supply and production we all have witnessed in recent months, it would be prudent to consider the bigger picture when making purchases. One thing we can all do is check the labels on products to determine their supply chain. Cost savings is certainly a big factor, often the only factor and if that's your bottom line by all means do as you feel is best for you and yours. If however, you're in a position to include other factors in your decision making, our team at Cadeau would encourage our fellow citizens to widen the lense a little and consider the postive impact you can contribute with local consumerism.  


At Cadeau we strive to empower local businesses. Our mission is to aid in their growth through the promotion and sale of consumable experiences. Businesses in your community can use the Cadeau platform and app to post sellable gifts, conduct promotional activities and undertake giveaway campaigns for marketing and customer acquisition. Cadeau is available to the full gamut of enterprises and entrepreneurs from restaurants, hair salons, outdoor adventure tours like ziplining and rafting, coffee shops, nail salons, spas, hotels, transportation, hospitality retreats, automotive services, entertainment and more. When you shop for gifts on the Cadeau app, you'll discover currated gifts and experiences with local merchants. Enjoy these experiences personally, with friends or send a gift certificate through the app to clients and colleagues. 


When you choose products and services with a supply and manufacturing chain with a local or national prescence you're contributing to the job market and uplifting the people in your community, city, province and country. You're contributing to developing human capital. This in turn helps our economy become more rubust and diverse in services and expertise. In other words, shopping local translates to employing local. More local and national jobs creates opportunities for people to learn new skills and elevate their eligibility for future promotions and higher paid employment. It helps entrepreneurs with good products and services grow their business to provide for their own families. Supporting local also means that when businesses become sufficiently profitable, merchants can pay it forward within their own community and so very often do. 


Local job growth also creates opportunities for younger people to participate in co-op and internships. Entry level mentorship and employment to gain essential skills and a strong work ethic. This can help set kids on a positive path in life. It can be the hand up that someone desperately needs. 


Businesses of all sizes whether independent, franchise or national brand can play a big role in examining their supply chain and maufacturing origin of the products and services they wish to offer. Procuring locally, provincially, and nationally has a real and meaningful positive impact. It truly uplifts our communities. 


Check out the Cadeau app when we launch later in 2020. Shopping for gifts with Cadeau is just one positive way consumers can spend directly in your own community and create employment for our fellow citizens across the country. And what's more, you'll discover experiences and businesses you may not yet have had the chance to enjoy. 


As we like to say, happy gifting!